2022 BMW M9 Review, Pricing, and Features

The BMW M9 is an upcoming flagship luxury sports car from the German carmaker. Due to be released in 2022, it will be the latest addition to BMW’s successful M-series of high-performance cars. This series was first introduced in 1983 with the E30 M3, followed by other legendary models, including the E36, E46, and current F90. Like its predecessors, the M9 has been designed and engineered to outperform its rivals in almost every area. It features a lightweight carbon fiber bodywork with a low drag coefficient, bespoke suspension and chassis components, and race-ready mechanicals. This article examines everything you need to know about the 2022 BMW M9’s price & features. The price of the 2022 BMW M9 will be around $300,000. 

2022 BMW M9

As you’d expect from one of the most highly anticipated cars of the decade, the BMW M9 has been designed from the ground up. This meant that it was engineered in conjunction with a car that had yet to be designed. The result is a car that shares many of the same design features as BMW’s future-facing concept car, the Vision Next-Gen. These include a long, sleek exterior with a rear end that houses the engine and drivetrain components. The car’s design is heavily inspired by modern endurance racing cars and boasts an aggressive yet elegant aesthetic. The BMW M9 is expected to be larger than its predecessor, giving it more interior space.

2022 BMW M9 Exterior Design

The exterior of the 2022 BMW M9 is dominated by its sleek and aggressive carbon fiber bodywork. Unlike many other supercars that feature traditional materials, the M9 has been designed with carbon fiber in mind. The use of this lightweight yet strong material helps to improve both performance and efficiency. It also helps to reduce the car’s overall weight, which has been further reduced by removing the engine, drivetrain, and most other components from the cabin. This has resulted in a car that boasts a very low drag coefficient.

The sleek exterior design also helps improve performance and efficiency, even with all the exterior components in place. The car’s front end is dominated by the large, aggressive front air intake and two large headlights. These are expected to be fully adaptive and feature the latest in lighting, computer vision, and artificial intelligence technology. They’ll also include integrated laser scanners to enable autonomous functionality not seen before on BMW models. The large front air intake is expected to house additional sensors to provide accurate and detailed readings of the car’s speed, distance, and closing velocity with other road users.

Interior & Features

The interior of the 2022 BMW M9 is expected to be completely stripped. All that remains is a carbon fiber chassis, bucket seat, and an open-pore wood steering wheel. The use of open-pore wood is a design choice seen in many modern luxury vehicles, most notably the Tesla Model S. The combination of carbon fiber and open-pore wood results in an interior with a futuristic yet luxurious aesthetic. However, the minimalist interior must be packed with technology and features. For example, the steering wheel is expected to be home to almost every feature and control within the car. It’s expected to feature various buttons and knobs, as well as multiple touchscreens that are integrated into the wheel’s surface. This will enable the driver to access the car’s settings, controls, and features without looking away from the road.

2022 BMW M9 Powertrain & Performance 

The 2022 BMW M9 is expected to feature a hybrid powertrain heavily inspired by BMW’s Formula E racing car. The car is expected to feature a hybrid powertrain consisting of a combustion engine and an electric motor. The combustion engine is expected to be a V-12 that delivers over 750 horsepower. The electric motor is expected to be a V-8 that delivers over 500 horsepower. Although the combined output of both motors will be significantly higher than that of the combustion engine alone, the car is expected to have the same level of performance. The hybrid powertrain will also feature a lithium-ion battery pack that’s expected to be mounted in the car’s chassis. The high-performance hybrid powertrain is expected to enable the 2022 BMW M9 to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds. The car is also expected to have a top speed of over 250 mph.

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