The Importance of Regular Car Maintenance

Perform Like any well-oiled machine, your car is made up of many distinct parts, all of which must be in top condition for it to function properly. A failing component could have an impact on the regular car maintenance performance . There are many things you can do to keep your car maintained, but do you know why it’s crucial to perform some routine maintenance on it? Knowing what your car requires, from checking fluid levels to testing the brakes, can help you spot potential problems.

Check your car’s fluid levels.

Many different fluids are necessary for cars to function properly. It’s a good idea to carry out your own checks in between auto inspections, even if you consult a mechanic during scheduled maintenance visits. Here is a list of a few auto fluids to monitor in case they become low, as doing so could prevent your automobile from operating as it should.

How to Check the 6 Essential Fluids in Your Car

Oil is required in automobile engines to lubricate the metal components. If you let the engine entirely run out of oil, it’s effect your regular vehicle maintenance performance and friction from the metal rubbing against the metal could generate extra heat and cause the metal to melt together. 1 If oil is still present but it appears to be unclean, you might want to replace it. Because dirty oil is thick and corrosive, any pollutants could begin to corrode your car’s metal.
fluid for the gearbox. Transmission fluid, like engine oil, aids in maintaining the transmission’s lubrication and optimum operation. The life of the gearbox may be shortened, and impurities may accumulate if the gearbox fluid level falls too low.


Coolant, which is composed of ethylene or propylene and water, aids in absorbing heat and transferring it via the radiator and effect your normal car maintenance and coolant degrades over time. Due to the absence of rust inhibitors in the coolant, rust may form, obstructing any cooling pathways and overheating your engine.

brake solution. Although brake fluid doesn’t get soiled or evaporate, it could nevertheless pick up moisture from the air. Your brake lines may develop air because water boils at a lower temperature than brake fluid.

guiding liquid. If you don’t replace the power steering fluid, it could make it harder to spin the steering wheel, which makes steering easier.

Check the alignment and pressure of your tyres.

You can’t overestimate or underestimate how much air your tyres need if you ever plan to get from point A to point B. Too much or too little tyre pressure may compromise the stability, braking, and handling of your vehicle. High tyre pressure reduces the amount of tyre that touches the ground, which affects your regular car maintenance traction and stopping distance. Low tyre pressure could cause your tyres to wear out more quickly and increase your risk of tyre overheating since more of the tyre will be in contact with the ground. For information on the required tyre pressure for your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual.

Ask NRMA: How do I know if I need a wheel alignment? | Car Tyres | The NRMA

To make sure the suspension on your car is functioning properly, it’s also crucial to check the alignment of your tyres. A misaligned set of tyres can produce vibrations when driving or even cause your automobile to veer in one direction. You should take your automobile to a service professional if you find your tyres are wearing unevenly, your car pulls to one side more than the other, your straightened steering wheel looks off centre, and regular car maintenance or your steering wheel vibrates.

Perform Routine Brake Checks

Driving in places with more stop lights and stop signs during your daily commute may require you to use the brakes more frequently than you would if you usually took the interstate. Your brakes are a hydraulic system powered by brake fluid and comprise a collection of pads that push together when necessary. It is more difficult to slow down or stop if the brake pads are too thin. If your brakes need to be checked, your automobile probably has a service light that will illuminate. However, you shouldn’t rely solely on that technology; if you detect any fluid leaks, observe how thick or thin your brake pads have grown, or hear a grinding noise, and its affect your regular car maintenance may be time to repair your brakes

It is your duty as a car owner to periodically maintain your vehicle, and regular car check up just like you would any other form of property you own. Your safety could be in jeopardy if you disregard your car.

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